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This modern rule sharpens the issues so that the decision in a case puts a controversy to rest for all the parties involved. The Court has developed an elaborate body of principles defining the nature and contours of standing.

In general, to have standing a party must have a personal stake in the outcome of the case.

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A plaintiff must have suffered some direct and substantial injury or be likely to suffer such an injury if a particular wrong is not redressed.

A defendant must be the party responsible for perpetrating the alleged legal wrong.

For the adversary process to fulfill its mission of producing justice, it is vital that the issues at stake be argued by persons who have a genuine interest in them.

In court proceedings, the parties have common designations.

In a civil lawsuit, the person who files the lawsuit is called the plaintiff, and the person being sued is called the defendant.

In criminal proceedings, one party is the government, called the state, commonwealth, or the people of the United States, and the other party is the defendant.

Persons who enter into a contract or other transactions are considered parties to the agreement. law has developed principles that govern the rights and duties of parties. A married woman has no original power or Authority by virtue of the marital tie, to bind her husband by any of her contracts.

When a dispute results in litigation, the litigants are called parties to the lawsuit. In addition, principles such as the standing doctrine determine whether a person is a rightful party to a lawsuit. The liability of a husband on his wife's engagements rests on the idea that they were formed by his authority; and if his assent do not appear by express evidence or by proof of circumstances from which it may reasonably, be inferred, he is not liable.

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